About Us

Michelle Lockyer

Kaya, Wanjoo (Hello and Welcome)

I want to introduce two woman that have inspired me to launch this kwabidak (beautiful) online fashion store, my Nan Maisie and my mum Laurel and of course then there is me!

Clothing can speak to every woman in her own language, helping her personal style shine through. The clothes you choose to wear can become a voice for the world you want to live in. Love Maisie takes pride in our Aboriginal culture which brings us together and provides a confident, inspired sisterhood of women.

Today Love Maisie is a clothing store but soon will offer you much more as we strive to make our mark in empowering us all to be the ‘woman you were born to be’.

We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online store allows our clients to purchase beautiful clothing at the best prices!